Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hello I'm Lisa.
I am currently 20 years old. I live in the city of Rotterdam where I study Industrial Product Design at university. The radioshack, I use is in QTH Waspik, the town where my parents live (my dad is also a ham : PE1KL), it is located in the southern part of the Netherlands. In my student home at Rotterdam isn't much space to place a radio or even an antenna ;)... 
When I was just 13 year's old I passed the exam for the novice-license. Then I became PD2LLS. I passed my full-license exam when  I was 19 year's old. My call changed in PA2LS.
You can hear me in contests, in SSB, Digi-modes and in future also in CW (I am learning CW at the moment). I am also active with other events, like Jamboree on the air, clubstation fieldday, contest teams.

Hope to hear you on the air. 73&33 de Lisa


  1. Hi Lisa, I hope to hear you in the next contest. Congratsto your decision to learn CW - it is fun!!!
    73 33 Irina, DL8DYL

  2. Irina thank you for honest and valuable encouragement to the attention of Lisa. CW IS!
    In our youngest operator ... of YLOTA.

    PS: Congrats for your many QSO's with ZL8X dear Irina.

    88 to both of you (Lisa and Irina)

  3. Hallo Lisa en welkom op YLota! Veel plezier met bloggen hier, 73 de Chantal - PA5YL