Thursday, December 9, 2010


Dear all,

Hereby you are invited to take part in the Midwinter QSO party, organized every year by the Veron Traffic Buro. There are some important changes in the rules you need to read before taking part in the contest:

First the name changed from Midwintercontest to Midwinter QSO party, to emphasize the relaxed atmosphere of the contest. Second the day and time changed, CW and SSB are now both on Sunday from 10.00 to 14.00 UTC. There was too much interference with other contests on Saturday. Third change is we have added a new category in which YL's and OM's can compete: All Mixed. Last but not least the multipliers. No longer will the DXCC count, but the YL's count for multiplier! Every YL worked/heard may be logged twice per band, once in CW and once in SSB. The points count as normal, OM=3 points, YL=5 points, PI4YLC=15 points and counts once per band as multiplier.

Pse send me your log after the contest, preferably by e-mail in Cabrillo-format, although there is no software supporting the Midwinter QSO party at the moment. An Excel file will also do.

We hope you will have fun in the contest, good luck!

73 33 88 de Chantal - PA5YL (ex. PA3GQG)


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