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SYLRA meeting in Roskilde ....

Of 22 to 25 August 2013 was held in Roskilde, Denmark's former capital , the 6th SYLRA meeting place . 41 YLs and 20 accompanying OMs from 16 countries (DL -FG - HB9- HL- I- JA- LA -OH -OZ -LX -SM- TF -W -VK -ZL ) participated. SYLRA (Scandinavian Young Ladies Radio Amateurs ) was founded in 2003 by 10 YLs from the five Nordic countries in Ingersoll , OZ7AGR in Solrød beach . Today 118 YLs to include in 22 countries . After the meetings SYLRA 2005 in Reykjavik, 2007 in Ostersund , 2009 in Oslo and 2011 in Porvoo 's tenth anniversary was also celebrated now back in Denmark. In historical Prindsen hotel near the cathedral , the meeting took place . After checking in on Thursday we took a bus to Solrød beach for a barbecue at Inger and OM Bjarne OZ2UV . The neighbors had decorated the Plantagevej with small Dannebrogs to the beach. There was a celebratory champagne reception on arrival with Solrøds Mayor Niels Horup . Arne , the OM of Anita , SM6FXW intoned his trumpet on the Danish National Anthem . After the obligatory group photo was stored in all the cameras, the barbecue at Inger and Bjarne could begin. Your whole family had been involved in the preparations and now looked after the welfare of the guests . Henry , OZ3FD , made ​​with his electric guitar for musical entertainment and happy mood. On Friday, the programbegan with a presentation of the TX5K Pacific DXpedition to Clipperton Island . Kenneth OZ1IKY , gave us vivid impressions of this remote coral atoll , the adventurous character of this expedition and of the magnificent radio activities . Then during the YLs were holding their meeting, visited the OMs in Ringsted , the Radio Museum . The extensive exhibition shows typical exhibits from all areas of consumer electronics including homemade and amateur radio equipment. This wide range is systematized and compiled attractive. After a welcome by YLs Chairwoman Inger we were informed of the advice of SYLRA boards. The board consists of the five Nordic contacts, and meet only before the start of a meeting . In between will be communicated via email. Chairwoman for the next two years will now be Vala TF3VD . Webmaster of is still Anna , TF3VB . Both want to host the next meeting SYLRA 2015, and the 2014 International YL meeting in Iceland. In their presentations, they already presented the planned sightseeing. While the south coast is Europe's largest glacier in 2014, the program will guide you along the west coast to SYLRA meeting the tours . Anna and Vala had brought a sense pouches , each with a piece of red and blue lava of Iceland as a " taster " . Finally handed Evelyne , F5RPB to Inger as a birthday gift for SYLRA a very pretty , self-made tapestry . The time to gala dinners could be used for a city stroll, shopping or sparks. OM Palle , OZ1RH from the club station OZ9EDR had set up a remote station . The IC -7100 transceiver ( ICOM novelty of the hamradio ) , the amplifier and the antennas were 30 km near Ringsted . Shack in the hotel, only the control unit with touchscreen display and the internet were . The club callsign OZ6SYL had Rosel , DL3KWR , first put on the air with CW on Thursday . Joana , DJ5YL , Linda , G0AJJ , and Marita , OH5KIZ , it activated in SSB . A remote station , none of the YLs had sparked . Thus, the first echo irritated effect resulting from the slight delay in the signal transmission from the transmitter and back. In the short time available, get at least 102 QSOs (48 CW, SSB 54 ) . After the meeting DL3KWR has two more weeks of vacation QTH OZ6SYL faxes in enabled with IC - 7000, AH -4 tuner and 9m vertical antenna (DX - Wire) . A total of 1121 QSOs were with 981 theaters ( including 41 YLs ) from 48 countries in the Log Callsign owner and manager of OZ6SYL is Inger , OZ7AGR . All QSOs are uploaded to . The paper QSLs via bureau brought the end of September for delivery . The gala evening in the beautiful historic moved firmly hall of the hotel opened a small band of four thirteen year old girl (keyboard, electric guitar, drums and vocals). They harvested enthusiastic applause for their first concert in front of an international audience . The keyboard played Nadhia , the granddaughter of Inger and Bjarne . The excellent dinner followed the social part of the evening. Gifts to the guests and each table a dice cups were distributed . Inger set the alarm clock and the game began. At the tables was rolled simultaneously turn. A " 6" you could " steal " a gift from another table . After time was allowed to retain the gifts. A brilliant game idea ! Then also attended Anna's dance lesson for healthy movement and serenity. The Saturday filled out the extensive sightseeing program . It started with a tour in the Cathedral (1170-1280 built ) , which was the first and largest brick Gothic church in the Baltic region . In the cathedral , a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995 , the Danish kings and queens were crowned and buried . The grave chapels with tombs from nine centuries impressively show the transformation of Sepulchral Culture . After a stroll through the market of the Roskilde Viking Ship Museum was visited . Heart of the museum are the five Viking ships that were excavated in 1962 in Roskilde Fjord in Skuldelev . Based on the salvaged and restored wrecks one has studied the shipbuilding and craftsmanship of the Vikings and now maintains them at the shipyard of the museum. In the museum harbor are 39 reconstructed or restored vehicles that are actively used for sailing . You can witness the most spectacular sailing on the basis of a film in large format. The replica longship (30 m) 2 Skuldelev sailed in the summer of 2007 as " Sea Stallion of Glendalough " with a crew of 62 to Scotland to Dublin, Ireland in summer 2008 southern England to return to Roskilde . Thus was the dream of " how to sail the Vikings " become a reality. The weekend was also the festival at the Museum " fire, water and Vikings " instead . Folk Music Bands played and we could get to know the Vikings technologies : the production of charcoal and ropes, the forging of iron, wood processing and the original replica of Viking boats. It Boat Race and sailing trips were organized . For the coffee journey at the Roskilde fjord to the end of the visits us but the MS Saga Fjord was but rather as a Viking boat. The fjord with its many islands and islets, the picturesque silhouette of the Roskilde Cathedral , and above all a clear blue sky - this is very impressive . Since the Prindsen hotel had offered us a special menu for dinner , no one came up with the idea out of the house to eat. The menu was excellent and tasted just as decorative as they are done to the gala evening, which spoke highly of the excellent cuisine on offer . So we were all together and had nice conversations with round off the evening. After breakfast on Sunday it was called then farewell . We have again met old friends and met new ones. To many impressions and wonderful experiences we are richer YLs parted , and in the hope to meet again in two years. Tusind TAK to Inger and Bjarne and to their family and friends that they have organized this meeting so well . Aufwiederhören to the tapes and goodbye 2015 in Reykjavik ! Rosel Zenker, DL3KWR

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