Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Hello mates, a very cordial greeting to all, is coming next weekend, with a Contest, organized by Scandinavian Young Ladies Radio Amateurs SYLRA,be active in RTTY mode, in the category - Single Op - Low Power (output 100 W or less).
I wish you luck to participants tod@ s, we are in the Contest. 73-33, and 88! to all.


  1. Hola Angeles ! Wish all the girls very good luck and most importantly; lots of fun !
    I plan to be same category as last year, High Power, unless the amplifier is out of juice (hopefully not).
    Will be QRV with my own callsign, SV2KBS.
    Muchos 73 y 88 para todos !

  2. Hi Victoria, thank you very much, I wish good luck to you too, a big hug from Galicia NW Spain, 73-33 and 88! TU.
    I hope you join us conditions hi hi!, GL

    Note: for some very interesting your blog, very complete.