Thursday, September 1, 2011


Here is a screenshot of the CW Freak monthly ranking. Well, this is a rare one, because there are two YLs at the top 2 placements !  Yeeeeey !
So let me share with you this short-spanned glory until Fabian DJ1YFK, Nicola IN3LBQ and others kick some ass !  :-)

Helga IN3FHE is one of those hams that really inspire me and motivate me and I look up to !  Well done, lady !

CW Freak is a CW training program, similar to rufzXP, and aims for speed training as of callsigns.
It's much more simple than rufzXP, it forces you to copy the callsign at once (no repetition allowed like at rufz !), score sending is as easy as a click and it has 3 lists to keep the competition alive:  20QSO ranking, 50QSO ranking, and a monthly ranking so that the competition is fresh !
Why not to try it out to sharpen your CW ?

VY 33 and GL !

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