Saturday, November 6, 2010


On 29/10/2010, a day before the CQ WW DX SSB, the most important amateur competition of the year Amateur Radio Union Estella (Navarra, Spain) has been sabotaged, our antennas and towers have been damaged and demolished.

The one who did or who did it knew what they were doing, in order to make us the most damage to face the competition.

They felt tensioner, turrets and antenas.Los damage occurred were designed, not only because they cut the turnbuckles but spreaders of the towers weakened causing his fall and broken antennas.

It has been a corresponding complaint with the competent authority (Spanish police).

This is a fact that attacks an association of radio amateurs who spent 25 years working and stressing in practice of amateur radio to promote it wherever they went.

One example is the continued presence over the past 14 years in major amateur competitions nationally and internationally.

The Romaleta has always been open to anyone who is interested and will continue.

We have made economic damage but thanks to the efforts of the partners have once again been in the air as AO2W.

Our morale is stronger than ever and continue to do radio as we always have. Proof of this are the 768 contacts that we have, and we will do in the future.

We want everyone to know, because if there is something sacred to a ham radio antenna is its.

You can see more photos of sabotage :


  1. What a horrible thing to do, who would do such a thing??? I hope they find who did this! 73 de Chantal - PA5YL

  2. Dear Amaia,
    Keep us informed of the outcome of this sad affair.