Monday, November 1, 2010


Thanks to the SYLRA & CQWW Contests countries worked is now 159, but confirmed only 110, and all SSB ( I am slowly learning CW through ).
During the SYLRA Contest I had good pile ups on 20 & 40 with Europe (only 7 of my 118 QSO's were with Oceania), and I was very pleased to work 6 YL's. Total points 15184.
The CQWW Contest gives an opportunity to make contact with new countries, so my object was to reach as many zones as I could, as well as some new countries. 29 zones overall on 10,15,20 & 40m and 6 new countries, but only 122 QSO's.
As the contest finishes here at 10am Monday morning, I thought I'd "spin the dial" while eating my breakfast and heading off to work, and so my very last contact was with 5N7M Nigeria for a new country and a new zone !
As you can tell, I enjoy contesting, and I have entered all the VK/ZL contests seriously, and won some of them. I have been the winner of the ALARA Contest for about the last 3 years.
My OM John VK4IO and I went on our first dxpedition to VK9LA last year, where we met Victoria, and we would love to go on some more in the future...
Catherine VK4GH

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