Sunday, October 24, 2010


SYLRA Score Summary Sheet

CallSign Used : SV2KBS

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP HIGH YL

Op Time (hrs): 17,5

Band  Mode  QSOs    Pts  Cty
   3,5  CW      68      144   23
   3,5  LSB       1         2    1
     7  CW     149      320   40
     7  LSB      51      102   22
   14  CW     113      234   30
   14  USB    406      892   50
   21  CW     173      354   21
   21  USB    187      410   34
   28  CW       17        32   12
   28  USB      17        34   13

Total  Both  1182     2524  246

Score : 620.904

Yet another great weekend shared with great local buddies !  I think I have never taken part in a YL Contest with such a massive participation, it was awesome !  The OH YLs advertised it very good and I believe that their work was paid off. Hpe to see even bigger participation next year ! 
I enjoyed talking to old radiofriends bt mostly enjoyed making new radiofriends out there !

10m was wide open from early Sunday morning towards AS and AF. As of 10m Saturday propagation I don't have a clue: I slept in Saturday morning and lost the first two hours of the contest, which I assume that must have been the most vivid ones :-)

What I didn't really enjoy was the low bands because of my poor reception (9db QRM at QTH..)
Something else that I didn't enjoy was that everything suffered RF-feedback (my keyboard included) which sometimes felt funny, whilst sometimes annoying.

All in all, it was tons of fun, YL-flavored let alone the band/mode diversity is not only fun bt also a great motivation to play all around in every mode !
And the timing is just perfect: great warm-up for CQWW season !  UFB girls !

P.S.: Next year's target is to work Siggi DK2YL on ALL band/mode slots :-)))  What abt digi ?  I strongly believe that I cannot stick with them, yet my local buddies insist that wonders never cease :-)


  1. Wow, what a result! Respect Victoria, you're a great operator. See you in the CQWW.
    73.33 Siggi

  2. Hallo Siggi ! Thank you so much for your kind words, although the result itself is nothing special really.
    I just missed operating so much, I think the last time I was on the air was in July (after that I had a very busy university exam period) so I really needed this weekend and it was awesome !
    My sincere congratulations to the OH YLs who organized this but mostly to all the girls who checked into the contest !
    Next year we have to work each other on all band/mode slots, hihi !! :-)
    Viele Gruesse aus Goch, DR1A, cu at CQWWSSB !!
    Big hug,