Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hello YL Hams,

I am very active on radio. I am working on 14.200, 21.200 and 24.950khz.
May be some of them might have contacted me. I would like to meet everyone on HF radio.
Please look for me.

Bharathi VU2RBI
Chief Coordinator,
National Institute of Amateur Radio,
1284, sector 12, Type IV special QTRS,
R.K. Puram, New Delhi. 22

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  1. Regards Bharathi:
    My name is Angeles, and my call (EA1HLW), I have contacted you today,
    October 28 at 08.15 hours UTC, the banda of
    15 Mts, in the frequency of call: 21.240.0 Mhz, you
    I leave this message for you to see my call correctly
    he had much QSB and had a little trouble
    While copying my call finally confirmed my
    call successfully.
    I also belong to YLOTA Club, where you can see my
    data via QRZ.COM.
    receives a warm hug and thanks for the QSO, I hope
    back to listen to SSB or digital modes ... 73 -
    88! from Galicia, NW Spain, greetings Bharathi.